The rain certainly dampened holiday plans for some around the region. But those that attended Thomas Road Baptist Church's Celebrate America event were ready to celebrate Independence Day, rain or shine.

No one was worried about getting wet.

In fact, church leadership said this party was happening regardless of the weather but also wanted guests to remember the real meaning behind the holiday.

There was certainly a good time being had by all at this year's Celebrate America event in Lynchburg. Young and old celebrated one of the most important days on the calendar.

"Coming to see the different vendors, let my kids get some funnel cake and get on the big bounces and just have a got time," Janelle Basham told Your Hometown News Leader.

For those we talked to, the evening was about more than the games, the music and tempting food.

"It's when we realize what freedoms we do have in America. Especially when we look at other countries around the world and the struggles that they go through with their lack of freedom," said Byron Woods.

As that celebration of freedom started, the clouds rolled in over Liberty University's campus but the crowd wasn't phased.

"It doesn't scare me. It'll blow over, it'll be fine and I'm going to have a good time, no matter what," Basham said.

Others spent time reflecting on those who should be the focal point of the 4-th of July.

"My grandfather was actually a World War II vet so it's a pretty big deal at our house," Jewel Williams told WDBJ7. "One of the guys I actually went to high school with got killed in Iraq, shortly after graduation and I had multiple friends join the military."

"We have so many possibilities and things available to us and this Independence Day we just celebrate," said Basham.

Organizers say this year's event was one of the biggest celebrations yet. Every year, Thomas Road Baptist Church provides the 4th of July party at no cost to the public.