Police say they caught the person who vandalized a monument in Lynchburg.

Police arrested Jessica McCrickard, 21, of Amherst on Tuesday.

Officers say she vandalized the iconic doughboy statue at Lynchburg's Monument Terrace about two weeks ago.

The top piece of the bayonet was broken off.

Investigators say she threw the missing piece in the James River.

They say she's now helping them find it.

Veterans and others offered up a four thousand dollar reward.

Police say they found McCrickard through an anonymous tip.

She's charged with one count of injuring, any property, monument, etc. and one count of petit larceny.

This is the second time the statue has been vandalized.


Community members in the city of Lynchburg are raising the reward money.

Thanks to anonymous donations from veterans and a historical foundation member, the reward is up to $4,000.

The city is still asking for any information as to where the missing piece may be. It is also asking the person who took it to return it to the statue.


Veterans who hold a weekly rally a Lynchburg's Monument Terrace have gathered $1,000 for a reward.  

They hope the reward will lead to the vandals who broke a bayonet from one of the statues.  It's the second time in two years  that The Listening Post statue has been vandalized.

Anyone with information should call Central Virginia Crime Stoppers at 1-888-798-5900.


Someone vandalized the iconic doughboy statue at Lynchburg's Monument Terrace again.

According to a news release on the city's website, someone broke the bayonet from the  statue dubbed The Listening Post.  It honors the city's World War One soldiers.

The same bayonet was broken off the statue in 2012.  It cost $1,100 to reattach the bronze blade.  

This time, however, the broken bayonet has not been found. 

Sally Schneider is the executive director of the Lynchburg Historical Foundation. She said she was upset when she got the phone call informing her it happened again.

"It was really disheartening and frustrating because you spend the money you need to spend to keep these beautiful pieces of art lovely and the way they should be because they are a piece of history in Lynchburg so I was really taken back," she said.