More than 100 people showed up to witness the groundbreaking of what will be the new home of the Lynchburg Humane Society. The current facility is overcrowded and in poor condition.

“The new facility is important to us to save more lives. The main purpose of this building is to reach a no-kill community,” said Executive Director Makena Yarbrough.

In two years, the organization was able to raise a little more than $4,500,000. Though there were cloudy skies, that didn't stop the excitement.

"Well we kind of like the clouds. We were hoping it would be raining cats and dogs. It feels great; we're very excited," said fundraiser co-chair George Dawson.

Another goal for the organization is to get more in touch with the community. Those who work at the current facility say it feels more like a pound and that they can't wait to be in something that's a little more inviting.

“The whole purpose of the building is to get animal adopted as quickly as possible; bring the community into the space through programs like after school programs for kids, birthday parties, summer camps, training classes for adults,” said Yarbrough.

The hope is that the new facility will become a destination place for those looking to work with and learn about animals.

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