Lynchburg medical technicians excel on certification exam

POSTED: 05:22 PM EDT Jun 27, 2013    UPDATED: 06:19 PM EDT Jun 27, 2013 
Lynchburg medical technicians excel on certification exam

Some of the smartest lab workers in the country are graduating from a community college in Lynchburg.

Students in the medical lab technician program at Central Virginia Community College scored third in the nation this year on their graduate exams.

Lab technicians have to achieve a certain score on those tests to be certified in their field.

The average score nationally is 495.

Students in the CVCC program have an average score of 690!

"I think they had a great deal of intellectual curiosity. They had a questioning attitude, so I'm not very surprised but I think it was a wonderful accomplishment for that class," instructor Deborah Harris said.

CVCC's lab technician program is run in partnership with Centra Health.

Many of the students go to work for Centra when they graduate.