A piece of Lynchburg's holiday past is back for everyone to enjoy.

For more than 25 years, a mechanical Santa greeted Christmas shoppers at Leggett's Department Store in downtown Lynchburg.

He was part of a large display that included nine raindeer.  They were placed on an awning, above the store's front entrance.

A man from Christiansburg recently found Santa in his possessions and donated it to the Lynchburg Museum.

Curators have cleaned up and refurbished the robotic St. Nick, and placed him on display.

"It's a fun piece of Lynchburg history," said Laura Lembas, curator of the Lynchburg Museum.  "A lot of people think history is boring books and photographs, but it's actually not."

You can see Santa now at the Museum.

Officials are hoping to locate the raindeer that went with the Leggett's display.  If you know anything about those items, give the museum a call.