If you're trying to beat the heat, Lynchburg's Salvation Army is offering a place to cool off.

A "cooling station" is open at the Center of Hope on Park Avenue.  People can come in, get a drink of water, and take shelter from the summer heat.

The Salvation Army plans to offer this service all summer on days when the outside temperature gets above 90 degrees.

"At the Salvation Army, we help people when it's cold and we're helping people when it's hot," said Chesley Vohden, director of development for Lynchburg's Salvation Army.  "If the heat gets to be too much, come in here."

Lynchburg's Salvation Army is also collecting fans for people who can't afford to buy one of their own.

Donations can be dropped off at the Center of Hope, the Salvation Army family stores in Appomattox and Lynchburg, or at the Lynchburg True Value hardware store on Lakeside Drive.