A group of former sports rivals have gone from talking trash to picking it up.

Athletes who graduated from Heritage and E.C. Glass high schools came together Monday night, to clean up Lynchburg neighborhoods.

The competition between these two schools is fierce, but the men and women who participated in Monday's event put differences aside for the good of their community.

They want to send a message to current students that it's better to work together, than let bitter rivalries tear neighborhoods apart.

"We were part of what created a mess around here, so it's our job to clean it up," said B.B. Shavers, an organizer of the event.  "As my grandmother always told me, when you mess it up you clean it up."

City leaders were part of the clean-up including H. Cary, the Lynchburg city council member who faced criticism last week for making racially charged comments about city parks.

Cary was welcomed by event organizers and recognized for his support of community sports.