His alma mater is gone, but a Lynchburg athlete's high school career isn't forgotten.

Dunbar Middle School is honoring the legacy of Wheeler Hughes.  He was a standout basketball player at the old Dunbar High School.

Hughes averaged double figures in scoring and assists. His athletic success earned him the title of All Western District, All Tournament, All State and MVP in the Virginia Interscholastic Association State Tournament.

Integration closed Dunbar nearly 50 years ago, not long after Hughes and his team took Dunbar to the 1966 National Interscholastic High School Championship in Montgomery, Alabama.

During Monday's JV basketball game, Dunbar Middle School symbolically retired Hughes "12" jersey.

Hughes says he's happy to see the history of his school preserved

"For so many years there has not been a legacy," Hughes says.  "We did so many things, before the schools changed, and it seems as though some of those things have been forgotten."

Hughes jersey, along with the second place trophy Dunbar won in the national championship, will be permanently displayed in a case at the middle school.