Lynchburg students celebrate first day at year-round school

Bass Elementary is Lynchburg's year-round public school

POSTED: 04:32 PM EDT Jul 17, 2013    UPDATED: 08:23 PM EDT Jul 17, 2013 
Bass Elementary

It's the middle of summer, but some students in Lynchburg are already going back to school.

Wednesday was the first day of classes at Bass Elementary.

Bass is a "year-round" school. Students take breaks every two or three months, but stay in school all year. The only month they take off is June.

How do you get kids excited about coming back to school in July? The principal motivates students with school spirit and encouraging them to be proud of their unique situation.

"We feel that we have the best elementary school in the state of Virginia," said Bass Elementary School principal, Leverne Marshall. "Our kids know that we have a great school, we have great teachers, and they want to be part of a great program."

Bass in the only year-round public school in Lynchburg. Last year it boasted some of the city's highest scores in math.