An average day for Mary Marsh is spent in one place, doing one thing.

"Sitting in a chair, sleeping," explained Marsh.

She has a good excuse for keeping such a relaxed schedule.  Tuesday is her 108th birthday.

When asked how it feels to have reached such a unique age, Marsh quipped: "I want to die! Move out of the way and make room for others."

Marsh suffered a stroke two years ago, but remarkably she still lives at home.  Her 84-year-old daughter, Mildred Brooks, takes care of her.

"She said don't put me in a nursing home, unless I haven't got a grain of sense," said Brooks.

Marsh continues to get around on her own, with the help of a walker.  She lived alone and raised a garden until she was 106.

Toughness and longevity were learned at a young age, growing up in the mountains of Bedford County.

"We worked in the field like boys," said Marsh.  "The boys didn't come along until later."

Marsh has outlived all but one of her siblings, along with her husband and a son.  She's pressed through every loss with patience and a good attitude.

"She's always held a level head and always had good advice," said Brooks.

Her advice for living a long life is simple.

"Good food and hard work," said Marsh.

For now though, she's taking it easy.  After 108 years, she's earned it.