A Lynchburg women is making another attempt to set a world record.

Patricia Belcher is trying to get in the Guinness Book for doing the most side jumps in one minute.  She tried breaking the record last year, but judges ruled her attempt was not valid.

Belcher gave it another try Tuesday morning at the Jamerson Family YMCA, with friends and coaches there to cheer her on.

"When I start something, I like to finish it," Belcher said.  "This isn't finished, even though I feel like I broke the record last summer."

Belcher, who is legally blind, has made it her life's goal to be featured in the Guinness Book.

The current record for most side jumps in a minute is 90 and was set by a man in New Zealand in 2007.  Belcher was able to do more than 100 Tuesday.

Video of the attempt is being sent to Guinness for verification.