A Lynchburg-area group is sending relief to the middle east, where a terrorist group is causing thousands of people to flee for safety.

Gleaning for the World is collecting aid for refugees of Iraq and Syria, where more than a million people have fled in recent months.  A militia group known as "ISIS" has been rounding up and murdering Christians and other people of Western faiths.

Gleaning plans to send items like toothpaste, soap, and diapers to the refugees.

"We've got to do almost anything we can to try and save these people, because they don't have a chance if we don't reach out and try to make a difference with them," said Ron Davidson, president of Gleaning for the World.

Gleaning will hold collections Thursday and Friday at Sam's Club in Lynchburg, Walmart on Old Forest Road in Lynchburg, Word of Truth Ministries in Roanoke, and Crossroads Church in Roanoke.

Donations will also be taken at those same locations Wednesday through Friday of next week.

Supplies needed include:

Toothbrushes/toothpaste (new)
Bars of soap (new, no liquid)
Washcloths/towels/blankets (new)
Feminine pads (Sanitary napkins only please) & Incontinence Pads
Shampoo (full bottles)
Other Supplies
Baby wipes
Baby Bottle (Plastic Only)
Stuffed Animals
Plastic eating utensils (new)
Plastic Plates
Pots & Pans
Cooking Utensils