Criticizing yourself sometimes starts at a young age. When you experience negativity or bullying from people when you're young, it can stay with you into adulthood.

Toxic friends are those that are always negative, put you down, and aren't uplifting. If you're surrounded by toxic friends, life can be difficult. Make sure you're surrounding yourself with people who are encouraging and positive.

Life Coach Debbie Kaplan says to look at issues in your life like Swiss cheese. Focus on one issue in your life that you may not be happy with and tackle things one at a time. Do not try to change and focus on all areas at once.

Debbie Kaplan says positivity can start with your vocabulary. "Poison words like should have, would have, could have, if only, and someday are words to eliminate from your mouth. There's also power words you can incorporate into your life like create, imagine, focus, empower, and now," described Kaplan.

Find one thing you're proud of about yourself and focus and build on those qualities. Don't look at yourself in a vain manner. Be greater than the way you look. Focus on your talents outside of material things and physicality.

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