Man receives help after traumatic accident

POSTED: 10:44 PM EDT Oct 13, 2013    UPDATED: 11:07 PM EDT Oct 13, 2013 

The community came together Sunday afternoon to help one man recover from life changing injuries.

Alan Wagnon was in a car accident back in April that crushed one side of his body, confining him to a wheelchair

Wagnon has been be unable to work since the accident, adding financial stress on his family.

That's why the community and candle company, Scentsy, held a sale and fundraiser today at Layman Church.

Scentsy representatives made sure all the profits from the sale will go to the Wagnons.

"We're just completely in awe over the good things that people have done for us since the accident and people keep doing," Rachel Thomas, Wagnon's daughter told WDBJ7.

Thirty-One Gifts and Gold's Gym also donated merchandise to help the family.