Rubber products are once again being made in Bedford.

Valley Processing, a company based in California, is making durable goods at a facility on Adams Street.

The building formally housed Rubatex, a rubber plant that once employed more than 900 people.  It closed in 2004.

Bedford's town manager, Charles Kolakowski, is thrilled to have a new tenant on the old property.

"The old Rubatex has resurrected itself in Valley Processing," Kolakowski told WDBJ7 Wednesday.

Officials with Valley Processing declined to comment for this story.  The company has an estimated 50 to 100 workers in Bedford, with plans to employ upwards of 200 if demand picks up.

Valley Processing is not the only industry creating jobs in Bedford.  Central Virginia Manufacturing opened last year and now has 18 full-time workers, fabricating metal products in an old Winn-Dixie grocery store.

Kolakowski believes Bedford is bucking the trend when it comes to industrial jobs.

"It is kind of unusual," said Kolakowski.  "We're a small town and we have a steel mill."

The steel mill is W. Abrasives and it's been in Bedford for a long time.  In fact the town has at least half a dozen manufacturers that have weathered bad economic times and continue to be successful.

Southern Flavoring has made home baking supplies in Bedford since 1929.  Their business has actually expanded during the recession.

"We've gotten pretty heavily into private labeling and contract packaging," said John Messier, owner of Southern Flavoring.  "Our flavors are on the shelves of many major retailers."

Bedford manufacturing has room to grow.  Part of the Rubatex facility remains vacant, along with several other industrial buildings.

Kolakowski believes the town has a healthy workforce that will continue to attract employers.

"The employees here are excellent," Kolakowski said.  "I think it's a tribute to them that industries have been able to be here, stay here, and grow."

Despite the positive news, Bedford manufacturing has experienced a recent setback.  Trident Seafoods is moving its food processing business, along with 70 jobs, to Georgia.  Town officials are already working to find a new business to locate in that facility.