After the sun went down on Friday, dozens of volunteers were wide awake preparing for the Blue Ridge Marathon.

While the birds are starting to wake up, Assistant Race Director Molly Bullington is busy setting up for the Blue Ridge Marathon at four AM.

"You do realize what time it is? WDBJ7's Justin Ward said.

"Of course. And Justin, I couldn't get to sleep last night either," Bullington said.

Somehow on little sleep, she's able to focus on signs, with directions for the runners.
She spends a lot of time in the back of her van.

"I've got arrows with all the different races on them," Bullington said.

No parking, stay right, and stay left signs. Coming up with any way to keep them standing.

"I usually just have to tape it to that cone, because it's all gravel through here," Bullington said.

She has less than three hours to set up for the marathon.

"The park service will only let us put the stuff up there basically at the last minute," Bullington said.

Thankfully she has help.

More than 400 volunteers are out today, many started early this morning making sure everything is in place and pointing in the right direction. Every small detail of the set up has to be just right.

"Are you still awake?" WDBJ7's Justin Ward said.

"I'm still awake. I'm still awake," Bullington said with a chuckle.

Because the marathon is her baby. She helped develop this marathon and recruit volunteers. Being up early is fine with her.

It's the adrenaline that keeps me going. I love to sleep but." "I don't mind one day out of the year not getting any sleep, even though sometimes I'm like, uhhh," Bullington said.

She got it done, with lots of help on time for the race.