Despite it still being an active construction zone, local businesses are happy that traffic is moving though Market Square again.

As part of the construction contract, Roanoke City agreed to open up the road through the middle of the square as soon as possible to help those businesses.

We did hear from some of you after a story we ran last night about the area being open again.

Some of you said the area is unsafe because cars and pedestrians don't have much room to operate.

City engineers say they've received no complaints and reiterate the area is safe and open for business.

"I understand the concern, it's not as convenient as it was previously, but it is an active construction site, it's a one way street, we're trying to keep everyone safe, pedestrians, vehicles, construction workers," said City Engineer Phil Schirmer.

Construction on the project should be done by next month.

Market Street in downtown Roanoke has reopened.

The street had been closed during construction on Market Square. That construction is still happening.

The City of Roanoke asks drivers to use caution when driving through that area. Market Street will be periodically closed as construction continues.

Construction on Market Square is expected to be finished in April.