Martinsville is one of the poorest cities in the nation.

That's according to, a financial guidance website.

The website averaged salaries and populations from several surveys and rankings from the U.S. Census Bureau to come up with the list.

Financial experts from the website then named Martinsville as the seventh poorest city in the nation.

Martinsville was the only city from Virginia to make the top 10 poorest cities.

Researchers found the average income of about 67,300 people estimated living in Martinsville is around $32,196.

That's compared to Lumberton, North Carolina, the predicted poorest city in the country with an average income of around $28,293 of the 135,517 people living there.

The website only listed the top 10 poorest and wealthiest cities in the nation.

Grace Network in Martinsville can vouch for the findings.

The non-profit group offers food and money to people going through a financial crisis. That's usually temporary help to pay for a bill or cover the cost of food.

Everything is donated from more than 100 congregations in Martinsville and Henry County.

Nearly half of the people who reach out to Grace Network have a job but can't always pay for essentials.

The other half are people on disability, social security or unemployment.

"There are some folks who have been out of work for so long, or they have a disability and they just don't have anywhere else to go and so even though they're trying very diligently to do something to improve their situation there's just so much that can be done," said Donna Proctor, executive director of Grace Network.

Proctor says more people are asking for help now from Grace Network compared to years past.

All 10 of the poorest cities in the country listed by are in the south.

The wealthiest are in the north and west.

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