The Federal Aviation Administration extended its ban Wednesday for planes flying in and out of Tel Aviv, Israel. (Click here for more information on the FAA ban).

That could complicate a trip back home Lynchburg Mayor Michael Gillette, who has been in Jerusalem since last week. He's in Israel studying Hebrew.

WDBJ7 spoke to Gillette today over Skype.

Gillette arrived in Israel last Friday and plans to be in Israel until next weekend. He's hoping that the FAA's restrictions are lifted by then because Israel’s only international airport is near Tel Aviv, where he plans to visit.

“The plan is to still do that. I'll visit with some friends there. And hopefully that will work out,” Gillette said. “I need to keep an eye on what's happening with the airlines, and hopefully will be back up and running and I'll be able to go home on my normal flight.”

Gillette said that things are relatively calm in Jerusalem and there have not been any rocket attacks there.

He also said that he doesn't want to give up his current travel plans until there is a solid alternative.