Virginia's Democratic candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe was in downtown Roanoke today touring the market and talking about his agriculture policy.

McAuliffe stressed the importance of locally made goods and how to market them globally.

Republicans have challenged whether or not McAuliffe can truly support Virginia-made goods since he supports of President Obama's stricter environmental guidelines they say could hurt coal plants.

"What we need to do is focus on how do we grow, what I call the new 21st century energy sector jobs for future growth," said McAuliffe, "What I talk about is we need to preserve what we have and grow and diversify our energy sector."

Republicans say the job creation figures McAuliffe is giving are faulty and the rhetoric is empty, "What's shocking about Terry McAuliffe supporting president Obama's EPA regulations on coal is that it doesn't just kill coal jobs, it's going to drive the price of energy up for everybody," said Delegate Greg Habeeb.

Terry McAuliffe insists that his energy vision for the state will create jobs, not cut them.