One day before Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli debate at Virginia Tech, a new survey shows McAuliffe maintaining his lead.

All three candidates for Governor will be barnstorming the state in the final days of the campaign. With some experts predicting a low turnout, making sure their supporters show up will be a key to victory on November 5th.

The latest survey from Quinnipiac University shows Democrat Terry McAuliffe with 46% of support among likely voters. Republican Ken Cuccinelli has 39%.  And Libertarian Robert Sarvis is polling at 10%.

Virginia Tech Professor and WDBJ7 Political Analyst Bob Denton says the results are right in line with other recent surveys that show McAuliffe with a substantial lead, but he says the race isn't over.

"It's certainly a trend in his favor," Denton said of McAuliffe. "The only caveat you would say is that neither candidate has reached over 50% yet. So that says there is a particular opportunity. The other unknown of course is Sarvis. How well will he do? Will his numbers hold? That would be very surprising, but nevertheless there are two question marks there and two opportunities, especially as it relates to turnout, that give Cuccinelli certainly a chance. "

As we look toward the debate at Virginia Tech Thursday night, Denton says the pressure is on Cuccinelli to change the momentum of the race.

And making no mistakes, Denton says, will be a key for McAuliffe.