Some people rely on day to day life saving care, but when severe weather strikes making roads dangerous that could put patients in jeopardy.

Treatments for dialysis patient are critical to their health. Workers at Fresenius Medical Care are preparing for the snow.

“We are bringing in patients ahead of time, hoping to be completely done by two o'clock tomorrow and be completely closed on Thursday,” said Clinical Manager Rhonda Wilson.

Each Fresenius facility tailors its hours to its patients needs. The clinic on McClanahan Street in Roanoke can see upwards of 60 people in a day. Getting patients in now is critical, because medical transportation buses could be blocked by the snow.

Home health services are also preparing for the snowfall. Nurses at Amedisys are already on the road tending to patients. Andy Warden is the Director of Operations. He says he has already enacted the company's emergency preparedness plan.

“I would rather be over prepared, than under prepared so I'm sure that all our patients will get what they need,” said Warden.

Warden contacted oxygen tank suppliers, to make sure patients have a backup if needed. If four-wheel drive on his nurse’s vehicles isn't enough, there’s another plan in place.

“We can reach out to other resources. Usually if it's a snow of that size, they will implement the National Guard and so forth to help get to these patients if its emergent,” said warden.

Local hospitals officials say they will operate normally. A spokesperson from Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital says they have plows, shovels, salt and chains for ambulances if necessary.