There are some cars on the road that make you do a double-take, and you could definitely say a giant hot dog on wheels would be one of them!

The iconic Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile has been making its way around the Roanoke Valley this week.

It's hard to miss, it's a 27-foot long hot dog on wheels!

The folks inside driving are called "hotdoggers."

The "hotdoggers" say they're spreading "miles of smiles!"

"It's kinda like always being in a parade, we get a lot of attention. People are always honking and waving, taking pictures but how could you not! It's so much fun to drive," says "Hotdogger" Sam Blum chuckling.

This vehicle is one of six in the fleet, criss-crossing the country.

If you want to catch up the Weiner Mobile, it will be at the Vinton Farmer's Market Saturday night 7 until 9 for the "Zombies Walk for a Cause" event.