At this point in the winter, many of us want to put snow out of our minds.

But beginning in July, rain will be the focus, in Roanoke City anyway.

The city's storm water management fees will take hold for all landowners on July 1st.

The Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport will be paying the highest fee in the entire city by a pretty wide margin.

The fee for everyone beginning July 1st is 30 cents per square foot of hard surfaces.

The airport has more than 11 million square feet total, and much of that is paved, contributing to runoff.

Officials here have worked closely with city engineers to work on applications for credits that would cut its anticipated $80,000 fee next year in half.

The airport is unique in terms of how much people will pay.

City engineers say in these weeks leading up to the implementation of the fee, the cost for everyone has been the biggest misconception.

"I think the perception is that the fee is much higher than it really is. I've told to a lot of homeowners and they're expecting something that's 100 dollars a month, it's 5, 6 bucks a month is typically what it is," said city engineer Phil Schirmer.

Every home and business owner in Roanoke is eligible to cut their fee by up to half if you add certain storm water drainage features on your property.  

The city has published a list of things you can do to your property to help earn those credits, check it out here.

The bill for storm water management will come with your bi-yearly real estate tax bill.

Also important to note that the fee will double next year to $0.60 per 500 feet and then go up again to $0.90 cents the year after that.