A Roanoke female impersonator is the newly crowned Miss Gay America.

"Life is so incredibly short, I don't think you should limit yourself," Billy Wilson says.

Wilson is also Jessica Jade, she is Miss Gay America 2014.

"I first started performing in 1999. It was kind of a dare. To be honest I was totally scared of female impersonation or drag queens, but once I did it, it was sort of like an addiction," Wilson said.

To truly understand how this is an addiction is to look at the room adorned with his accomplishments. Aside from countless crowns from pageants he's already won are plastic boxes filled with everything from makeup to jewelry and shes.

Wilson beat hundreds of men around the country earning the crown last week in St. Louis after eight years of trying.

"This year I went into it with a different attitude than I had previous years, I wasn't really nervous," he added.

Aside from all the time it takes to travel to various pageants to compete, Wilson says it takes upwards of two hours to get done up for a show.

Wilson also takes pride in the fact that he designs most of his gowns.

Perhaps the biggest measure of Wilson's passion and dedication comes in dollars.

"This year I spent close to $14,000 competing for Miss Gay America, all in all over the 8 years easily $100,000 if not more," he said.

Being Miss Gay America means traveling all around the country judging preliminary pageants for the next winner.

Wilson's message is simple, do what you want and be comfortable with who you are:

"You should do whatever it takes to feel most comfortable in your skin," he said.

Even if the skin isn't what most people normally expect.