Galax is a small city with the population of about 7,000 people. It's also known as the World's Capital of Old Time Mountain Music. But for one father it's the place where his son disappeared.

“Logan, he never met a stranger he was always happy. He loved church more than anything in this world, he would cry on Sunday morning if I didn't take him to church,” said father, Alvin Bowman.

The happy five-year-old spent Christmas day in 2002 at his father's house. That's the last time Alvin Bowman would ever see his son again. He recalled his son crying, not wanting to leave his side when he dropped him off at his mother's house.

“I went to pick him back up on the seventh of January, my visitation and they kept running me around, running me around,” said Bowman.

After being denied visits with his son for weeks Bowman finally contacted authorities. Logan was last seen on January 8th, 2003. His mother Cynthia Davis didn't report him missing until January 26th.

At the time the Grayson County Sheriff's Office called Logan's disappearance suspicious. They say that that the child's mother and her live in boyfriend Dennis Schemerhorn gave conflicting stories about Logan's disappearance. Investigators also say at one point, the couple failed to take Logan to the hospital when he suffered water burns. Logan's father doesn't believe the burns were from water.

“I think, we figured he may have got burned with meth, I don't know,” said Bowman.

Without a body, that would be hard to prove. Even without the body, both Davis and Schermerhorn were convicted in 2004. Schermerhorn was charged with simple child neglect and Davis pleaded guilty to felony murder.

“After I took office in 2008 one of my agenda was to work on this case,” said Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughn.

After the convictions and 4 years after Logan's disappearance Vaughn was still determined to find the child's body.

“We did go to the prison where the mother is housed, interviewed her at length and obtained information from her, where the remains where possibly located,” said Vaughn.

Davis finally confessed to where she’d dumped her son's body. Though she didn't go in to detail on how the boy died, she led the sheriff's office and excavation team to small neighboring community of Pipers Gap.

Police found an indentation in the ground about 3 feet long, which was around the same height as Logan.

“We had cadaver dogs there to search there, they did hit on that spot and that's why we excavated such a large area,” said Vaughn.

Logan's body wasn't there. Authority’s say someone may have dug up the remains and Logan's father agrees.

Davis still sits in prison, serving a 15 year sentence. I asked Bowman if there was room for forgiveness.

“Yes, you got to. If I'm ever going to get to heaven to see Logan, I have to forgive her, no matter what,” said Bowman.

He doesn't believe Logan is alive, but he hopes someone will step forward with information to where his son may be, so he can receive a proper burial.