Recently it was discovered that a more than 90-year-old Torah at the Beth Israel Synagogue had mistakes. It's the entire Old Testament, handwritten in Hebrew on scrolls.

The scroll is read during services at all synagogues, but the text cannot have any mistakes.

“The text needs to be correct; you cannot use a text that came from Mount Sinai with something that is missing from it,” said Rabbi Fabian Werbin.

It was during services one morning the mistake was discovered at the synagogue a couple of months ago.

“What we need to do at the moment is we need to stop reading, close that scroll, put it back into the ark and bring another one out,” said Werbin.

A scribe was flown in to take a close look at the holy text and fix passages and correct spelling errors. On Monday morning, he went line by line through the scroll. Other fixes such as the binding were also made.

“To see a mistake in the scroll, it can happen because those are old scrolls and the ink that is used may start coming off. Weather, age; usage,” Werbin said.

Without the corrections, Werbin says it changes the whole value of the text.