Model train enthusiasts are remembering a deadly train accident that happened more than 100 years ago in Danville, the wreck of the Old 97.

Hobbyist from New Jersey to South Carolina are at the Danville Science Center with their trains and tracks.

The exhibits are connected together with scenes of small towns, farms, and train stations.

They meet this weekend every year on the anniversary of the train wreck.

"It's a tribute to the wreck. It's an opportunity to, for us, to run trains, which we like to do, and it's as much a social weekend for us to get together as it is running trains or anything else," said John Wallace, a model train hobbyist.

Today is the 110th anniversary of the crash. The train slipped off a trestle and fell into a creek killing 11 men and injuring six more.

The science center has a miniature replica of the train accident. Rail Days starts tomorrow and ends Sunday. Click here for hours and more information.