Right around the first day of a new school year, the staff and students at Halifax County High School have had more to deal with than just homework and budgets. Mold has become an issue in parts of the school and Wednesday, the community wanted some answers.

The Halifax County School board held a public meeting to discuss the school's mold issue. Board members say the school is safe but they're taking every precaution.

It has over 1 million species, can an affect most any structure and possibly your health. Mold can be an issue anywhere, and Halifax county high school is one of its latest victims.

"We've had some construction, unusual rain this summer so were just trying to get ahead of the problem," Jay Camp of the county's school board told Hometown News Leader.

A roof replacement allowed moisture to get in and now the community and parents are sounding off

Wilma Vaughn, a South Boston resident has a child at Halifax County High School. "I'm glad they're finally taking in hand what's going on. More should be done, more should've been done."

The school board held the informative meeting complete with a mold specialist who surveyed the building. Some parents say it's about time. Others are impressed with the board's quick action

"I'm very excited that the high school, they acted very fast. They got professionals in. As a parent, I do have confidence that it's going to be taken care of," parent, Mary Liegey told WDBJ7.

Mold affects different people in different ways. And some Halifax County High School students found that out the hard way. Parents think the mold is to blame for their childrens' new illnesses.

"She was texting me, mama, my head's stuffed up, I'm achey, I have a headache I'm tired. So I went and picked her up and took her to the doctor and they checked her and she had sinusitis," Carolyn Richmond said.

School leadership says its taking every action possible to fix the mold issue and keep its students safe.

Multiple air tests have been done and mold specialists have been brought in to assess the severity of the issue.

Those lab results are expected in the coming days.