Moms unite to encourage and support public breast-feeding

They cite health benefits for both mom and baby

POSTED: 02:07 PM EDT Aug 03, 2013    UPDATED: 07:21 PM EDT Aug 03, 2013 

Moms say they want to feed their babies without shame.

That was the motivation behind a simultaneous worldwide event called "The Big Latch On."

Saturday morning in Roanoke, moms gathered to breast-feed their babies in public.

It was part of a larger event to educate and raise awareness.

" I really think that more mom need to breast-feed and are ashamed to and afraid to because it's not normal in our society right now. And, I think we need to help make it more normal so mothers feel like they have a right to do it," explains mom and organizer Holly Martin.

The women had their children latch on for a full-minute.

Throughout the world other women did the same thing- all in hopes of making breast-feeding more mainstream.

This event was also part of World Breast-feeding week.