Renovations inside of the Moneta Rescue Squad are under way. The half century-old building is expanding.

“The building had gotten so dated,” said squad captain John Singer. “The new ambulances, we could barely get them in to the bays.”

The original building didn't have insulation and there was no place for rescue squad members to sleep overnight. A pager signals members at home if someone is in distress, which leaves a drive time between their residence and the rescue facility.

“We're hoping with the remodel, we will have more members that will spend the night at the building because that of course it’s going to improve patient care, because our response time will be cut down,” said Singer.

A quicker response time could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

“Good CPR, uninterrupted CPR is what's making a difference, and the number of people that are surviving sudden cardiac arrest is actually improving in Bedford County due to this mostly good CPR,” said Singer.

The nearly $500,000 project will include four new bays, living quarters, laundry and shower facilities.

The rescue squad is thankful for donations from the public and another charity. The hope is now, that help isn't too far away.