A fire at a mobile home park in Montgomery County on Sunday shows how important street signs can be.

The fire at the Adams Marke mobile home park on Merrimac Road happened just a few days after workers had placed more street signs on the property.

The fire happened near the back of the park of the park. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said no one was hurt, although seven people were living inside.

Days earlier, the owners of the park added new street signs after hearing concerns from several people. Police said there were plenty of mobile home parks in the county that don't have enough signage.

We spotted Felicia Lumpkins walking in the park and asked her what she thought about more street signs.

"I think it's very important to put up signs everywhere up here because people will know where to go, who to see and everything," Lumpkins said.

We then spoke to Chief Joe Coyle with the Christiansburg Rescue Squad, who said signs are great but his team of first responders has a system of redundancy that increases the chances of help arriving fast.

"We have maps provided to us by the county and by landowners  and it will show us specifically lot numbers on the street," Coyle said. "So if we go to 1, 2, 3 Main street and I'm not sure which house it is, we can pull it up on our tough book. Tough books are mobile computers."

Another lesson learned by this reporter; house numbers may be one of the most overlooked, underrated and simplest things a homeowner can do to make sure first responders can find the home in an emergency.

"Make sure the house numbers are big and can be seen from the road'," Chief Coyle said. "Lots of people put those house numbers on their home, but don't realize that we may not be able to see [those numbers] from the road."