No matter how big or small all pumpkins on the Greer Family farm are picked and put in trailers.

"On this load we're looking at about 15 hundred to about 18 hundred pumpkins about that size," Brann said picking a pumpkin off a trailer.

Dan Brann the pumpkin man co manages the fields of orange with Chuck King. Brann has grown pumpkins for more than 25 years, but this year's crop was different.

"We have the best pumpkin crop we've ever had. I guess the rest of the story, it's the first year in my life I can ever remember not wishing for rain. We didn't put out the irrigation system this year," Brann said.

Weeks of rain provided his fields with a natural watering system. He also saved money but had to spent more on chemicals.

"We spent a lot more money on fungicides though. That kind of balances it out some," Brann said.

After months of spraying and now picking, nearly all of these are then sent to a Walmart near you.

"We have stores as far west as Galax, Covington. To the east and north, Lynchburg and Martinsville," Brann said.

The store in Christiansburg has already ordered a restock. Brann says the miles and long hours picking are stressful.

"What is it about this orange gourd that draws you back every year?" I asked him standing beside a trailer full of pumpkins.

"Grandsons ask that question. I do it to support my tractor habit, and to make friends," Brann said.

You can find the pumpkins he grow with his work partner at any Walmart in this region.