Whoever said sailing was all about peace and relaxation wasn't talking about Virginia Inland Sailing Association. Participants from all over the country hit the waves and caught the wind hoping to coming out on top.

“It's a challenge. There are more rules to racing a sail boat then there is to play golf,” said Bill Gillespie.

The wind can be your best friend or your enemy. The job is to work with the wind the best you can.

“It's intense. You're totally inside of the boat and watching wind or your competitors at all time there no time to sights or anything like that,” said sailor Randy Beauchamp.

“It's a lot of challenging things there's physical and mental. So you're playing a game of chest and working out at the same time,” said Gillespie.

The challenge becomes much harder as sailor come near the end. Boats can come within just inches of each other. If a boat hits another, it will count against the sailor. Maneuvering is a major key to the race.

“Hiking its very tough. You're hanging by your ankles basically, it's all core strength that holding you up and you have to keep the boat flat; if you don't keep the boat flat you could capsize,” said Beauchamp.

What makes the boat race more interesting is that all the water crafts are the same design, the Lightning. Participants say wining is based on the skill of the crew.

“When the winds raging like it was today, its tight its fast, exciting and a lot of fun,” said Beauchamp.