Cooler temperatures aren't keeping race fans from staying outside, though. Firewood displays are pretty common when it gets cooler outside.

If you take a drive around Martinsville Speedway, you'll see more folks selling firewood than usual during race week.

On the roads around the track this morning I counted six people selling firewood either in their yard or on the back of their pickup truck.

This has turned into a tradition for one man from Henry County.

For the last five years Connie Compton has offered a variety of wood, hay and fire pits to campers.

He says this is the first time he can remember this much of a variety of firewood for sale on race week.

"It's been pretty good. I mean, today's Wednesday but but it's going to pick up Thursday, Friday, and Saturday though," said Connie Compton, a local man looking to earn extra cash during race week. "Must be the economy or something. But everybody is out trying to make a dollar."

Martinsville Speedway campgrounds allow camp fires only if they're in a fire pit and if it's not too windy.

Some stacks of firewood go for about $10 a bundle or at some stops $30 for a row.