More than 100 reports have come in to Roanoke County law enforcement because of what people are doing in their cars.

People living, working and driving in Roanoke County are failing to properly discard their cigarette butts and other trash.

Back in January, the county kicked off an initiative to get people to stop throwing trash out the window.

Five months later, WDBJ 7 is learning how successful the program has been.

According to a county spokeswoman, the Roanoke County Police Department has received 164 tips regarding littering. Eight of those were received in the last week and have not yet been verified.

Of the remaining 156, 52 have, or will, result in letters being sent to those accused of littering.

So far, three people have been summoned and one person received a warning ticket for littering.

The entire campaign cost the county nearly $8,000 and while it is aimed at all types of littering, it specifically targets cigarette butts.

The initiative allows people to report others online, but officers have to verify the complaint.

Roanoke County Police Chief Howard Hall said he wasn't sure how many people would actually report the activity at the start of the program.

"We're really hoping the educational part of this more than anything would help people to realize it's not appropriate to throw any kind of trash out,” said Hall. “And not only is it not appropriate, it's not legal and if the officers do see that happen people can expect to be cited."

The county has seen a steady stream of tips, according to Hall.

If you are caught littering, you can face a fine and community service.