A power outage is affecting hundreds of people in Lynchburg.

A vehicle hit a utility pole on Concord Turnpike Thursday morning, causing more than 900 customers in downtown Lynchburg to lose electricity.

Traffic signals aren't working, and several radio stations have been knocked off the air.

Most city offices are open, but the downtown library is closed.

Utility crews are removing the damaged pole and working to repair the outage. Appalachian Power says it hopes to have power restored by the end of the business day.


More than 900 Appalachian Power customers in Lynchburg are without power after a car hit a utility pole on Thursday morning.

The accident happened near Concord Turnpike.

As of 10:15 a.m. Thursday morning, 933 Appalachian Power customers were without power in downtown Lynchburg.

The power outage is also affecting several radio stations.