God's army in Wytheville handled the controlled chaos on Thanksgiving Day just fine.

For 21 years, Morning Star Outreach Ministries in Wytheville has offered Thanksgiving meals to anyone who can't fix it or afford it themselves.

Last Thanksgiving, Morning Star fed 560 people. This year that number doubled.

"This year we started counting on Monday and we had 850 and then we came back in the following day on Tuesday and finished counting and we had 915,” Morning Star Outreach Ministries Pastor Ken Johnson said.

It's a small but scrappy flock of believers packed inside the local moose lodge, who don't have time to waste. They operate like a sort of assembly line.

“Absolutely, you know. I don't think that they want me as a boss cause I keep telling them 'move it, move it,” volunteer Pat Bliss said.

Dinners are boxed up each year, packed in any car that's ready and then driven to hungry people.

Toni Testerman says this tradition began 21 years ago when a stranger on the street was invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

"He looked like he needed a friend for the day and over the years, I've tried to help. I've requested to stop driving a truck for my company so I can be home today to help the ministry," Testerman said.

Back inside the Wytheville Moose Lodge, strangers keep showing up to help, and Pastor Johnson is humbled.

"Well I'm amazed, I really am. I mean it's overwhelming because it's an emotional day but the bottom line is that we have way more volunteers, people wanted to come and help support us," Johnson said.

Pastor Johnson was right, it was a Thanksgiving miracle.