The mother of a missing teenager from Lynchburg is holding on to hope for her daughter’s return.

Investigators said Jamisha Gilbert was last seen Friday night. They found her abandoned car on Friday morning along Concord Turnpike in Lynchburg. Now, they're trying to piece together what exactly happened.

Gilbert's mom said she knew something was up when she hadn't heard from her daughter over the holiday and that's when she started making calls to Gilbert's father, boyfriend and friends.

Norma Gilbert-Eldridge said everyone kept telling her that they had not seen Jamisha for a while. Now, she’s finding it hard to deal with her daughter’s disappearance.

"She's energetic, outgoing and she knows what she wants,” she said. “This is crazy to me that I'm standing here right now talking about Jamisha because I don't know where she's at."

Gilbert-Eldridge said it’s not like her daughter to not call and check-in with family.

"Normally we talk,” she said. “She'll come by or we will talk on the phone, but she had not called."

Friends told investigators they last saw Gilbert between midnight and 1 a.m. on Friday.

Investigators are now calling Gilbert’s disappearance suspicious, but her mother is hoping for the best.

Gilbert-Eldridge said her daughter’s car appeared to have been in an accident the day investigators found it on the turnpike. She said both of the airbags deployed, but there was no blood inside the car.

The car was towed to Bee Line Towing in Lynchburg. Investigators then picked it up on Monday morning as evidence, according to an employee at the towing company.

Gilbert's mom said her daughter has a good head on her shoulders. She graduated from Heritage High School in May of 2013. Gilbert was a straight A student, a creative writer and was getting ready to take classes at a community college before enrolling at the University of Maryland. Her mother said she has dreams of becoming a lawyer one day.

For now, her family is counting on friends for support and praying that she will come home soon.

"They cry with me and hug me and trying to give me hope that she's okay somewhere,” she said. “She's going to come back to us."

Investigators suspended the search Monday night. They are expected to resume Tuesday morning.

Jamisha’s mother plans to make flyers to hand out around town on Tuesday.

Anyone with information about Jamisha's disappearance is asked to call 434-455-4090.