A Nelson County judge has denied motions made by Randy Taylor’s attorney to suppress statements and search warrants during the Alexis Murphy murder trial.

A motion was also filed by the Commonwealth's Attorney asking that prior investigations involving Taylor not be mentioned in court.

The motions were the subject of a hearing Monday.

Taylor is the only person charged with the murder and abduction of 17-year-old Alexis Murphy. She was last seen Aug. 3 at a Lovingston gas station.

According to court documents obtained by WDBJ 7 Monday, Taylor's attorney, Michael Hallahan, filed motions to suppress search warrants and statements made during the course of the investigation. Judge Michael Gamble denied the motions in a closed hearing Monday.

Hallahan wanted to suppress all evidence obtained by law enforcement beginning August 6, 2013 as a result of search warrants issued on August 6, 10 and 11.

Hallahan claims all of the evidence was obtained without any valid constitutional basis, and therefore deprived Taylor of his right of due process, as well as rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Taylor’s attorney claimed that all statements made on or after August 11, 2013 were also obtained without any valid constitutional basis. That includes all statements made by the defendant to any "jailhouse snitches,” as Taylor believes they are acting as an agent of the commonwealth, according to the documents.

A motion made by Nelson County Commonwealth’s Attorney Anthony Martin asked the court for a ruling to prevent Taylor's attorney from introducing evidence or statements regarding prior investigations involving Randy Taylor was granted.

Martin contends that those investigations are not relevant to the Murphy case. According to the motion filed on March 24, that includes investigations by either Greene or Orange counties. Martin goes on to say those cases are "not relevant and would only serve the purpose of confusing the jury."

WDBJ7 and other media outlets were forced to leave Monday’s motions hearing. Taylor’s trial is scheduled to begin May 1.


A Nelson County judge has closed a pretrial motions hearing for Randy Taylor.

Judge Michael Gamble granted the prosecution’s request to close the motions hearing to the public Monday morning.

Judge Gamble said he granted the request because of the amount of pretrial publicity. Only council, witnesses, Taylor, and necessary law enforcement are allowed in the hearing.

Taylor is scheduled to stand trial for the disappearance of 17-year-old Alexis Murphy starting May 1. Monday’s hearing may require some witnesses to testify. Search warrants may also be discussed, and Taylor could make a statement.

Murphy was last seen at a gas station in Lovingston on Aug. 3. Her car was found several days later in an Albemarle County parking lot.


A motions hearing is scheduled Monday morning in the case against Randy Taylor.

Taylor is the only person who prosecutors have charged in the disappearance of Alexis Murphy. The 17-year-old was last seen at a gas station in Lovingston on Aug. 3. Her car was found several days later in an Albemarle County parking lot.

Taylor faces a number of charges, including kidnapping and murder.

In January a grand jury decided there's enough evidence to send him to trial on those charges. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. Monday. Taylor's trial is set to start in May. Taylor arrived for court around 8:55 a.m. Monday.

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