Mountain Lake Lodge has new aerial adventure

The Giles County attraction has a zip line

POSTED: 06:58 AM EDT Jun 28, 2013    UPDATED: 01:00 AM EDT Jun 28, 2013 
The zip line at Mountain Lake Lodge in Giles County

If you're looking for a brand new challenge and you like the woods and ropes, you might want to head out to Giles County.

Mountain Lake Treetop Adventures calls itself the first self-guided aerial adventure in the New River Valley.''

There are all kinds of sky bridges, rope ladders, swings and zip lines; 30 different elements in all.

Marisa Salinas is wearing a safety helmet and like her dad, has a fear of heights. "It really shows you how to be in touch with your body and how to maneuver around things and really focus on the task ahead of you," she said.
There's a demonstration course that everyone has to run through before they're allowed onto the real ones. Instructors decide if you're ready for the real thing.
Cara Salinas has just finished sliding down a zip line and is looking back at her dad, who's been struggling, "He's just got to trust the ropes. That's all," she said.

There's a course for kids as young as 7 and for older kids like Bob Donovan, Chairman of Mountain Lake Lodge. Donovan finished the toughest adult course. "You talk about an adrenaline rush. There were some elements up there that I didn't think I was going to get through. It was difficult but it was so much fun," Donovan said.

Guides stand at nearly every post and on the ground to help.
Chris Weyant is the manager at Mountain Lake Treetop Adventures. It's her job to make sure this new adventure is safe, fun and unforgettable. "It's a self guided tour and you get to make a choice that's good for you. It's doable and you experienced it's doable," Weyant said.

And for a guy who's scared of heights, it wasn't so bad.