Some people in Roanoke County are trying to make a scene and that's the point.

MystiCon brings out something special in everyone who attends.

It's only been around for four years but it grows every year.

MystiCon is an event where costume play comes to life and fans of everything from horror to science fiction come to enjoy their favorite characters.

"Science fiction fantasy horror pop-culture convention it's a place where you can come meet author you can meet artists you can meet you can meet media people," said Carla Brindle.

Brindle is no stranger to the wonder of MystiCon. She calls herself a jack of all trades that helps make MystiCon happen. She can't believe how it's grown.

"It used to appeal to only a small section of the population but it appeals to everybody now," said Brindle.

But now it grabs the attention of New York Times Best selling writers like, Todd McCaffrey; who's thrilled to meet fellow writers and of course, the fans.

"Science fiction and fantasy writers are very welcoming, we like nurturing new talent so whenever we get together we love to be able to talk with each other and share experiences," said McCaffrey.

Many of these visitors come year after year and say it's freeing.

"You can come here and be anything or anybody or any character they want to be and to be able to do that one weekend out of the year it's something that people look forward to it sort of like letting your inner child out," said Linda Smith.

"What keeps me coming back is the family everyone here whether you're a Star Trek fan or a Star Wars fan or a Lord of the rings Vanora my little pony fan we all have something in common and that's that we all have a fandom that we really love," said Gerald Martin.

For Brindle, MystiCon is a labor of love and says the event really proves one thing:

"Geeks are fun, geeks are sexy, geeks are cool!"

MystiCon runs through the weekend.

And for the first time, tickets were sold out before the show even started.

But don't worry, tickets for next year will be available soon.