Even though employees are still waiting for the official word from their regional office in Philadelphia, Booker T. Washington National Monument in Franklin County is preparing the park for closure.

Superintendent Carla Whitfield says each employee will have 4 hours to gather their things and be off the park property.

The park has a total of 100 volunteers who will no longer be allowed to fulfill their duties on the property.

Each year, about 25,000 people visit Booker T. Washington National Monument.

Today, park employees will have to call and cancel 16 school groups that were scheduled for a park event in October, not to mention all the other visits that are scheduled.

Whitfield says the last time a shutdown happened was in 1995. The park was closed for 21 days.

Until a resolution is reached, the park will remain closed.

Services and programs that will cease:

1). All national parks will be closed

2). Visitor centers and other facilities will be closed and secured

3). Education programs and special events will be canceled

4). Permits for special events will be rescinded

5). Guest staying in hotels and campgrounds will be notified of closure and given 48 hours to make alternate arrangements and leave the park

Services and programs that will remain operational:

1). Law enforcement including the U.S. Park Police and emergency and disaster assistance

2). Firefighting and monitoring

3). Border and coastal protection and surveillance

4). Limited management of ongoing projects that are funded from non-lapsing appropriations

5). Access to through roads