You may remember back in February when we told you that Natural Bridge had a new owner with plans for a state park.

Now, the Natural Bridge Wax Museum is shutting down.

Andrew Ly and his family are from North Carolina. Wednesday was their first time visiting the wax museum. And it will be their last.

"When I came here, I was like, this is incredible! Why would anybody shut it down?” Ly said.

Four months ago, the Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund bought the hotel, the bridge, caverns, 1,600 acres, and the wax museum.

"Since it's going to be a state park that there's going to be large changes in the area and one might be that the wax museum doesn’t really fit into their future plans,” wax figure owner Robert Dorfman said.

The wax museum was built 37 years ago as a tourist attraction. Soon, it will be a visitors center. Andrew is one of many who are sad to see it go.

"When I got here I was like, because I live five hours from here, I was like why are we stopping? I just want to go home because we've been here a week and a half. But when I came here I was like, this is incredible,” Ly said.

There are 171 figures inside the museum. All of them tell a story that dates back to Virginia's history.

"We'll be trying to sell all the figures, all the props and displays and we're under contract with some of them now,” Dorfman said.

If you're planning to visit the museum, make sure you do it before early September. The museum will be closed after Labor Day.