People from all walks of life are gathered in a college gym.
But, they're not here to see a game.

"Remote Area Medical is free medical care. We came to Buena Vista to do a free clinic," explains Ron Brewer.

For the last several years, Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista and Remote Area Medical or "RAM" have hosted this free clinic.
The gates to the parking lot opened at midnight.
And, tickets for free vision, dental and general health exams were handed out, starting at 3a-m.
It's first come, first served.

"It's a wonderful thing. It's a blessing is what it is," says Joanne Ellington.

Ellington got here at 3:30 in the morning to get some reading glasses.

"To me it's a luxury to go to the eye doctor because we don't all have the benefits to cover eye care. It spectacular to be able to have this help," she explains.

Brewer is the clinic director.
He says the patients aren't the only ones who benefit.
Brewer says the nearly 200-people who volunteer and are a part of the clinic are getting something you can't put a price on.

"It's all volunteers. That's what it's all about, coming in here to help your neighbor to offer your services whether it's in vision or dental," he explains.

Brewer hopes the work patients receive here, helps them succeed in their everyday lives.
As for Joanne Ellington, the future is looking bright.. and a lot clearer.

Another clinic day is scheduled for Sunday, March 2nd.