In just a few hours, the man accused of killing his own mother in broad daylight will go before a judge.

Dean Austin Selbe, 29, is charged with murdering Karen Selbe in the two's Vinton home Sunday.

Selbe is scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. in a Roanoke County courtroom.

Investigators were at the house Monday

Friends and neighbors of the Selbe's are speaking to WDBJ 7 about the family they knew.

Many said they were shocked to hear that Karen had been murdered by her own son.

Residents describe the 300 block of Cedar Avenue as a quiet neighborhood.

"I don't even know,” said Kevin Laprad. “I don't even know what to think about it. I can't imagine killing your mother to begin with but those two seem like the perfect mother son."

Laprad works as a clerk at the BP convenience store just up the street from the Selbe's home.

"When I found out it was those two I was and I am still in disbelief,” he said.

He said Karen and Dean were regulars and that Dean even worked at the store for a short time stocking the beverage coolers.

"Every day the mother and the son, either one, would come in and the bought their Mountain Dews,” said Laprad. “She played the lottery on lottery days and both seemed as calm and sweet as you'd ever want to see."

According to investigators, something happened between the two on Sunday.

"I just thought it was someone that died and then I was like wait a minute they don't put police tape up for someone just dying,” said neighbor Tiffany Culler.

Officers showed up to 305 Cedar Avenue around noon to find Karen dead on the bedroom floor.

"It never crossed my mind that it would happen here," said Culler.

Culler said she often saw Karen sitting outside on her porch and would wave to her. As for Dean, she said he would walk around the neighborhood and never caused any problems.

But now, he's in jail and is the only person responsible for his own mother's death. Neighbors said they are happy to know he is behind bars.

"He needs to be where he is at because someone who could hurt their own mother does not need to be out in public,” said Culler.

According to at least two neighbors, they saw the Vinton Police Department at the home Saturday night.

Calls made to the police department by WDBJ 7 were not returned to confirm if they had been there hours before the murder.

WDBJ 7 spoke to Karen's brother, who lives a few houses up from Selbe's home. He declined to go on camera, but said his sister was a good person.

Dean Selbe was arrested back in 2011 and charged with attempted murder, according to online court records.