Neighbors in Southeast Roanoke are fighting to keep the lights out on a new business.

A convenience store is set to officially open on Monday at the corner of 9th and Penmar Streets, but some people living in the area said the last thing the area needs is another convenience store that sells alcohol.

The owners of Epic Stop-In are waiting to hear back from Roanoke City staff in the next few weeks.

They filed a zoning amendment application in October and are hoping to get it approved so they can sell alcohol.

Right now, the zoning in the area does not allow them but store owner Ahmed Elsyed said alcohol sales would be a big contributor to his profits.

"I'm not asking to be a multimillionaire out of this store I'm just asking for a few bucks that I live on as a living and at the same time I have happy customers which is my neighborhood,” he said.

Elsyed moved to the United States from Egypt a few years ago and finally decided to open up a business he could call his own.

He said while making money is a priority, so is serving the community.

"It's a convenient store which should be convenient as a service provider,” he said.

But word of yet another convenience store popping up on 9th street is raising red flags for some people.

"Adding one more establishment in between four locations, two blocks on either side of this location is unnecessary," said Roanoke resident Duane Howard.

Howard said having multiple stores that sell alcohol in Southeast is just a ticket for trouble.

"Any businesses and establishment reflect the character of the neighborhood," he said. “I don't believe this is the direction that Southeast wants to go in trying to change its image."

Elsyed told WDBJ 7 he went door to door in the neighborhood before he opened to see what people thought about his business.

People we spoke to off camera on Friday said they're excited about it.

The zoning of this property is "Commercial-Neighborhood," according to city staff.

The city already has the application for amendment and now a public hearing is set for November 12 at 1:30 pm to hear if more residents have issues with the zoning changes.

It will then proceed to Roanoke City Council the following Monday.