During Wednesday's news conference, Alexis' family had words directly for her.

"To Alexis, just know that we’re working on bringing you home. Because we all miss you, and I would give anything to take your place right now because you do not deserve whatever has happened to you or any of this," Taylor said. "You are a innocent 17-year-old girl who had so much promise and a future. We just need the public to really help us with this case."

Another aunt, Trina Murphy, said the family will not give up until Alexis is found.

"Alexis, if you are out there and you can hear us, just know that your family loves you. We will never stop until you are home. Our family circle is broken right now. But it will be mended," Trina Murphy said.

Wednesday is the second time investigators have briefed the media since Murphy disappeared Saturday. Murphy, 17, will be a senior at Nelson County High School. Her car was found Tuesday night in the Charlottesville area. She told friends she was headed to Lynchburg to shop.

During Wednesday's news conference, Mazanec highlighted the need for the public's help.

"We really need the public’s help. Someone has got information. We really need to solve this case," Mazanec said. "Someone has had to have seen Alexis at the gas station or where the car was parked or in some other location after her disappearance on Saturday."

The family also asked for the public's help.

"The public, please, somebody had to see something. How insignificant you may think it is, just please call it into the tipline any way and let the authorities decide that," Trina Murphy said.

In other news Wednesday, WDBJ7 spoke to Gil Harrington, the mother of Morgan Harrington. Gil Harrington said state police told her that investigators don't believe that her daughter's disappearance in 2009 is connected to Alexis Murphy's disappearance. Click here to see the story about Gil Harrington's interview.


Investigators are holding a 4:30 p.m. news conference in Lovingston about the disappearance of Alexis Murphy.

WDBJ7 is planning to live stream the news conference. Click here to watch the live streaming.

Also, WDBJ7 spoke to Gil Harrington, the mother of Morgan Harrington on Wednesday. Gil Harrington said state police told her that investigators don't believe that her daughter's disappearance is connected to Alexis Murphy's disappearance.

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FBI agents are continuing to search a Charlottesville-area neighborhood in the disappearance of a Nelson County teenager.

Alexis Murphy's car was found Tuesday night in a movie theater parking lot, but no other clues have turned up since.

WDBJ7 reporter Tim Saunders has seen dozens of FBI agents walking around the movie theater parking lot where Murphy's car was found Tuesday night around 8 p.m.

The agents are interviewing everyone from pedestrians to workers at nearby businesses. WDBJ7's Nadine Maeser reports that security cameras at a nearby shopping center point to the movie theater parking lot.

Some of the people who were interviewed say they were asked questions about Murphy and her car. We understand that investigators are also looking for video from this area.

The movie theater where the car was found does not have an outdoor camera. The Nelson County Sheriff's Office is hoping to locate surveillance images from another source.

They want to pinpoint exactly when Murphy's car was left in this location, and whether Murphy herself was in the vehicle when it was parked.

The car being found in the Charlottesville area is creating a lot of new questions. Murphy was believed to be headed to Lynchburg when she disappeared. Charlottesville is in the opposite direction.

However, Murphy may have been familiar with this area. Charlottesville media outlets report that this movie theater is less than a half-mile from a store where Murphy was known to work.