Some new beverages will soon be brewing in Franklin County.

The old SleepSafe bed facility in Callaway is now the home to Chaos Mountain Brewing. The million dollar project will serve as a tasting room and bottling facility.

“It's a great location. The Atlantic coast is underserved with craft brewers. The vast majority is located west of the Rockies,” said owner Joe Hallock.

Hallock says there is great potential for craft beer sales in Virginia. Though this is a new business venture for him, the art of beer making isn't.

“My wife bought me a beer brewing kit about 16-years-ago and I just got interested in it. It's a lot of fun to do because brewing beer is a lot like cooking. It's a recipe,” said Hallock.

Hallock will initially serve six varieties of beer and will later add six more making the total 12. He says once everything is up and running the brewery will produce nearly 30,000 barrels per year.

“There is such a demand for craft beer and there is a lot of craft beer available but people do like to buy local, said Hallock.

At full production, the hope is to produce 325,000 cases of bottled beer per year. Blacksburg and Lynchburg will be some of the places this year that will sell Chaos Mountain.

“I want to have something for everyone, from something light all the way up to very big and strong,” said Hallock.

The brewery will create 20 to 25 new jobs and is expected to open in mid March.