New Castle,Va. -

There was more gun toting going on in New Castle today. Craig County's tourism board put on the first ever Open Carry Day event.

The open carry event was part of a tourism initiative where gun owners could exercise their second amendment rights.

“Safest place to be on Saturday is this little town, with all these law abiding citizens carrying firearms. It's doubtful this bank will get robbed today,” said Virginia Citizens Defense League President Philip Van Cleave.

You may have seen revolvers, riffles and other sorts of guns walking down Main Street in New Castle. It’s part of Craig County's Tourism Commission's Main Street Days; part of the area's tourism initiative.

“This event should be viewed as an educational experience with folks who aren't familiar with fire arms; it's a good place to get acquainted with people who are,” said event organizer Philip Spence.

Conceal carry classes were also offered at the event. Though scary to some, open carry is legal in the commonwealth. If you own a gun you have the right to carry it in plain sight.

“I believe that a right, being our second amendment right if it's not exercised it's not a right at all. And if people don't exercise it then it slowly disappears, and nobody realizes it gone and therefore nobody misses it,” said gun owner Shaun Vandyke.

A question that remains is why we don't many Virginians openly carrying their gun.

“I just think that open carry has become almost socially unacceptable,” said Vandyke.